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I feel like writing poetry right now.. I dunno.. I'm just in a poetic mood. The thing is, I sometimes don't really like my poems. I'm not saying they suck ass [ lmao, Krysh], but they're not wonderful. I'm nowhere near the kind of stuff E.E Cummings and Walt Whitman wrote, but hopefully, one day I will be. That's.. one of dreams. To be a recognized poet. :: sigh. :: That'd be.. the best.

What the hell? Why not attempt to post one here.

You say I'm never there for you
That I don't care anymore about how you feel
You say I've grown closer with other people
That I don't need you anymore
You say my words aren't sent your way
That I never speak to you
You say that I've gone away
That I'm faded
You say that we're not close anymore
That our friendship is useless
You say I never said kind words to you
That we were never very good friends
You say lots of things
That make no sense

Yeah, say it's terrible. I don't care, it came from me, and that makes it beautiful to me.

Well, I'm gonna go. End ninety fourth entry.
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