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Current Clothes: A various shade gray stripped tee-shirt and dark denim flares.
Current Jewelry: One hoop and one diamond stud.
Current Mood: Disgusting and fat.
Current Music: Eminem.
Current Taste: Nothing.
Current Hair: Down.
Current Annoyance: My fucking fat self.
Current Smell: My nose is clogged up, so nothing really.
Current thing I ought to be doing: Algebra.
Current Desktop Picture: O- Town.
Current Favorite Artist: Eminem.
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<b>Current Clothes</b>: A various shade gray stripped tee-shirt and dark denim flares.
<b>Current Jewelry</b>: One hoop and one diamond stud.
<b>Current Mood</b>: Disgusting and fat.
<b>Current Music</b>: Eminem.
<b>Current Taste</b>: Nothing.
<b>Current Hair</b>: Down.
<b>Current Annoyance</b>: My fucking fat self.
<b>Current Smell</b>: My nose is clogged up, so nothing really.
<b>Current thing I ought to be doing</b>: Algebra.
<b>Current Desktop Picture</b>: O- Town.
<b>Current Favorite Artist</b>: Eminem.
<b.Current Favorite Group</b>: O- Town.
<b>Current Book</b>: Romeo and Juliet- William Shakespeare.
<b>Current Movie in DVD player</b>: I'm going to watch Clerks tonight.
<b>Current Color Of Toenails</b>: Left silver, right navy blue.
<b>Current Refreshment</b>: Nothing.
<b>Current Worry</b>: My fucking fat.
<b>Current Crush</b>: Dr. Dre
<b>Current Favorite Celebrity</b>: Dr. Dre, Kylie Minogue.
Well, my <b>mother</b> found out I wasn't <b>eating</b> and flipped out. We started <b>yelling</b> and <b>fighting</b>, I was already <b>crying</b> and now so is she.. :/.. I fucking hate this. I hate being <b>fat</b> and <b>disgusting</b>. Grr.. why couldn't either one of those things be a <b>mood</b>? God, why do I have to hate myself? <b>People</b> tell me that I'm not <b>fat</b> or <b>ugly</b>, and sometimes I let myself believe them, then <b>days</b> like this come along and I can't stand myself. Jesus, my <b>stomach</b> is doing some freaky shit....
Anyway- I really have nothing to say in this entry. I was supposed to go to <b>Cammie</b>'s "Scare Fest", but <b>mom</b>'s all freaked and worried about me now, so I don't know if she'll let me <b>go</b>. :: sigh. ::
Well, I'm gonna go. End ninety ninth entry.
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