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Current Clothes: A green Blink 182 shirt, baggy jeans, and socks.
Current Jewelry: One silver hoop and one diamond stud, a ball necklace, two bracelets on one wrist and three bracelets on the other.
Current Mood: Relaxed.
Current Music: Aaron Carter.
Current Taste: Sprite.
Current Hair: In a ponytail.
Current Annoyance: The fact that.. there might not be a Murder By Numbers soundtrack.. :/
Current Smell: Bread.
Current thing I ought to be doing: Still the dishes. I'm lazy.
Current Desktop Picture: O- Town.
Current Favorite Artist: Aaron Carter.
Current Favorite Group: O- Town.
Current Book: Romeo and Juliet- William Shakespeare.
Current Movie in DVD player: Gonna watch Thir13en Ghosts later.
Current Color Of Toenails: Silver on the left, navy blue on the right.
Current Refreshment: Sprite.
Current Worry: Nothing.
Current Crush: Michael Pitt.
Current Favorite Celebrity: Michael Pitt, Sandra Bullock.

Well, I went and saw Murder By Numbers again tonight, but I didn't go with Amber, I went with Sam. I called Amber's and her mom said she wasn't home.. so.. bleh.. Anyway- the movie was still just as good as the first time I saw it. I love it, I'm gonna be all impatient 'till it comes out on DVD. And, yeah, I want a soundtrack for it, but I don't know if there is one, I'm not sure where to find out. :/ I've checked Amazon, the actual website and a few other places. Grr.. Oh, well. Sam kept cracking me up because she was bitching about the people infront of us because they kept standing up and the little kid was talking. And, the peanut butter and the which lisa lines made me snort. XD I think I'm gonna make my mom take me to see it again. Oh, and.. now I wanna see Y tu mam� tambi�n, but I can't because it's rated NC 17. Dammit.

Anyway- I'm going shopping with my mom tomorrow, she was too tired today. Sam wanted to go so.. I guess I'll call her after I get up. I was gonna get the Murder By Numbers soundtrack.. but I don't even know if there is one. :/ So, I guess I'll either get the Aaron Carter CD [ second ] or the Tough Enough soundtrack. Just depends.

I love love love my new layout. Cait, thank you so much for the icon. It's so wonderful. =D

Well, I'm gonna go. End entry one hundred three.
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