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orangesherbert's Journal

Name// Courtni.
Age// Fifteen.
Birthday// January 29th.
Location// Corpus Christi, Texas.
Lil' info// Woo.. I did have a list of obssesions here but.. that's down below. :: points. :: Anyway- yeah.. My name is Courtni, I'm fifteen and I live in Texas. I'm bisexual and I have a crush on every member of O-Town and Aimee Castle. Well.. um.. I guess to find out more about me you can just IM me. >
2ge+her, aaron carter, aimee castle, alan rickman, art, ashley angel, ball necklaces, big wolf on campus, books, brandon quinn, bubbles, cats, chasing amy, cheesecake, clerks, cookies, creativity, crossroads, dan miller, daniel radcliffe, danny smith, dead man on campus, dead poets' society, dennis miller, dennis rafkin, dogma, dogs, edgar allen poe, erik michael estrada, eyeliner, fish, full frontal, gale harold, glitter, goldust, greg, gremlins, harry potter, hbo, hearts, horseback riding, horses, jacob underwood, jay and silent bob, jeepers creepers, jeff anderson, josh, josh charles, juliette lewis, justin long, kevin smith, kickboxing, lauren ambrose, lipgloss, lite brite, liz, lori baxter, magna doodle, making the band, mallrats, mark-paul gosselaar, married with children, matt damon, matthew lillard, michael pitt, mick foley, movies, murder by numbers, nail polish, natural born killers, no bake cookies, no more tears, o-town, orange county, orange sherbert, oz, ozzy osbourne, peanut butter, peter krause, peter paige, poetry, queer as folk, rainbow brite, rent, robin williams, rocky horror picture show, rollerball, romeo and juliet, ryan gosling, sandra bullock, sarcasm, scrambled eggs, scream, seamus finnigan, sean biggerstaff, shane mcmahon, short stories, showtime, six feet under, skittles, slc punk, soda, sports night, starbursts, stephanie mcmahon helmsley, stone cold steve austin, stuffed animals, the apa, the mikes, the osbournes, the real world, the talented mr. ripley, the watcher, thir13en ghosts, tim curry, tom felton, tough enough, trevor penick, william shakespeare, wonder balls, woody harrelson, wwf